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Learning Opportunities

We believe continuous learning gives us a great leverage in our journey towards innovation and in consolidating our position as a leader in sustainable mobility solutions.

We support our employees and experiment to create different contexts that enable our colleagues to test and chose what meets their needs best.

On November 2021 we launched Skill Up, a series of bite-sized webinars that allows our employees to thrive at work. The sessions are delivered by two of our learning partners: London Speech Workshop and Design Thinkers Academy. The topics we cover range from Innovation Methods, Skills for Connection, Powerful Meetings and much more.

We also provide our employees access to our Webfleet Academy Platform, in which every training session, webinar or workshop is uploaded and ready to be enjoyed in case someone missed it.

Moreover, our employees have free access to the LinkedIn Learning platform. They can follow a series of courses or classes to learn a new skill, to broaden their existing expertise in one specific area, or simply because they’re hungry for knowledge!

By giving our employees learning opportunities and a space for education, we contribute to the development of their critical thinking and knowledge, two of the most essential aspects for cooperative and considerate societies, organisation success and personal fulfilment.

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