Life at Webfleet

Inspired by Olympians

Together with our colleagues from Bridgestone, our employees are moving and eating towards a healthier lifestyle.

As a Bridgestone company, we have the special benefit of being part of its employee health programme, inspired by the company’s partnership of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Throughout the year, our employees have the opportunity to take part in different health and fitness challenges, join live workout sessions and webinars hosted by the Bridgestone Olympic ambassadors, and track their health performance via a unique internal website.

In addition to these smaller challenges, Webfleet Solutions and Bridgestone have a joint global target to collect 1.5 million kilometres by 31 October 2021. Any kind of activity counts towards this target, and employees can join at any time before the end date. So, it doesn’t matter if people are sporty or not—everyone can contribute a little bit.

Charity pledge

As an extra element for this health programme, we have—along with our Bridgestone colleagues—committed to donating to a cancer charity to further help boost health and access to healthcare for others.

Our charity of choice is World Child Cancer. This charity works in low-income countries around the world to ensure children with cancer get the diagnosis, support and treatment they so desperately need. 

World Child Cancer works with local, regional and international partners in some of the world’s poorest countries to improve early diagnosis, getting children on treatment as soon as possible and keeping them on treatment. Last year, despite the global pandemic, the charity still helped nearly 10,000 children and their families. 

Childhood Cancer Awareness